Why is Emotional Intelligence a must for children today?

If you are the mirror, they reflect the best moments you shared with everything around. If you are the heart, they are the heartbeats that instilled in you the sense of liveliness. They are your children; the live zephyrs of happiness you love. Fostering Emotional Intelligence in children can boost their morale and instil in them every key skill they need in today’s world of pervasive competitions. Emotional Intelligence is a word that conveys the significance of rightful smartness. Your emotions drive you towards everything you love being surrounded by. And Emotional Intelligence is the key to blaze the trail of excellence and create a niche for the brightest version of your kids.

How busy are you and your children in the 21st Century?

Emotional development in kids passes through various levels as they begin growing up. The kids become sensitized to understand the seriousness of academics. They subsequently start pondering over various ways to manage the routine activities. Toggling back and forth between two activities becomes a necessity for kids due to the tight schedules every day. This is when both kids and parents become preoccupied to manage the timetable. The result is palpable. Both pillars of the family don’t get time as they expect due to the tight schedules.

How does Emotional Intelligence come into play?

Bridging the gaps between 2 likeminded intellectuals is mandatory. A gap bridged towards communicational clarity travels down the opportune avenues and replaces the rifts with integrative opportunities. This is what Emotional Intelligence bestows upon the kids. With the right tickles of Emotional Intelligence, the children become superlatively aware of their emotions and are redirected towards the most suitable format of thoughts. This is when they learn to emote the thoughts in the most accurate words.

Does Emotional Intelligence increase the number of intellectual opportunities or enhance their quality?

Children tend to receive dozens of intellectual and recreational opportunities almost every other day. They are in the developmental phases wherein every single action around them is likely to leave an imprint on them. When they study, they love understanding the formulae. When they are out on the ground, they are continuously on the lookout for the right strategies. When they are in indoor sport, they would love to make the best out of the available skills. The thing common in every situation in childhood is an opportunity or a set of opportunities. Therefore, repurposing the clarity of thoughts towards every incident can both increase the intellectual opportunities and enhance their quality.

How does Emotional Intelligence help kids in the 21st Century?

  1. Children become sensitized to every purposive action and are therefore become more oriented to results.
  2. Being precisely aware of the thought process and ways to boost morale, they no longer need an external source to validate their skillset.
  3. Children start turning their thoughts into ideas and ideas into responsive actions. This is exactly when emotional unawareness is replaced with productive opportunities.
  4. Children learn to manage their emotional outbursts and therefore, they are more receptive of a change.
  5. With Emotional Intelligence, children love to learn and comprehend whatever sounds best and right for them on their own.
  6. Children become more realistic in their approaches and ways to sharpen their interactivity in various social, familial, interpersonal, and academic instances.
  7. Kids start spearheading themselves, understanding the code of conduct, decorum, and volitional freedom.
  8. Children become more aware of the ethical benefits of self-esteem and are keener on learning healthy ways to live.
  9. Overall, Emotional Intelligence is the foundational stone for a society free of redundancies.

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