Design Super Destiny: First or Second Innings

A few days back I got a call from a parent and he asked me to meet for his daughter’s career coaching. During the conversion he mentioned about his son’s progress who is flying to Canada for business studies. He brought him to me around 2 and half year back for career coaching. I remember when I asked him what is your aspiration, He said” I want to become a businessman like Bill Gates”. Father being an engineer had a safe side thought of perusing engineering degree and getting a corporate job. Boy’s personality type and meta programs were apt for his dream, only, a belief ‘Since Bill Gates got failed during his education time, so there is no need to study hard to become a good businessman.” I simply asked him “What if Bill Gates get a chance to rewrite a story and, in this story, he gets good marks too, then what would be like this story”. He said “Amazing”. Afterwards that boy secured good marks too. It is always a pleasure to see anyone living their dreams. I remember when I conceived the idea of Design Super Destiny. One of my school friends who calls me guru, she always says “I was not able to complete my studies, you were not there.” My father got transferred and I shifted to another city. I couldn’t help her, that time I was a child but now I can help many – that’s the core of Design Super Destiny.

Many a times children, young adults talk about their dreams but how many of them are able to live them. When Bill Clinton was just 3 years old, he told hid his teacher ‘I want to become president of America”, APJ Kalam wanted to fly like birds. During our childhood or some other point of time people talk about their dreams, aspirations or goals. But in reality, they structure themselves according to the system and needs. Sometimes job dissatisfaction, boredom, dragging a life, just living, considering unlucky or no charm for work etc. all makes them forming a firm low excitement or zero excitement mindset.

Point is that why does it happen, when we design our destiny then why are we not able to design it the way we want. What is missing? The Connection. Connection between work and mind: Knowing whatever we are doing is connected at different levels of mind, how? and what can we change to make it a strong and better connection.

Are we encouraging new generation to live their dreams? Are we providing them education to know about themselves and design their dreams in right direction? Are we making them understand their strength to empower themselves and society? I remember, a few years back when one boy told me ‘I want to become a scientist and work on the theory black hole given by Steven Hawkins, he was a big fan of him’. I was so amazed to hear his knowledge about this science. Now That boy is doing his research studies in Germany, so lovely.

Children or Adults anyone can live their dreams provided they design them by connecting with purpose. Many a times people get fascinated by celebrities their life style, their influence and they dream to become like them. Those dreams are just fantasies, fascination, no connection with core or purpose. Then how to design dreams? First find the purpose why do you want to fulfill your dreams? Nothing wrong in dreaming big but bigger the dream harder work more patience, Are you ready for that? Once your purpose is clear and your dreams are connected with you and your core, then you can work on to convert them into the reality by setting goals and making actions plans.

After a certain age or any particular incidence in life many a people think life is over now, they can’t design their dreams. But there is always a way for go for second innings. There is no age limit to design and live dreams only thing is that if we desire.

No matter whether it is the first innings or second innings of life, live it fully by designing super destiny. Coaching provides the opportunity to know about yourself and find the connection between connection spaces. Choice is always in our hand to take a step.

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