Dreams, Purpose and Goals!!!

Dreams, Purpose and Goals!!!

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Thinking about all above three terms is quite exciting, isn’t it? Many motivational or personal development programs, books or article talk about these and their manifestation in our life. Revelation of Secrets rules or discovered formula are chalked by many experts.  Though all around there is so much BUZZ about these success formulas, and research says only 3% people in their life become successful. A few years before when I heard about success secrets, I became so curios to know and learn about those ideas. My curios mind used to think – when everything is written in books and still success rate is so low. Why? In order to get the answers of my questions I tried to understand the concept. Let me explain you my understanding with this hot topic may it resonates with you too. I guess you may be having the same curiosity as I had.

First of all, let’s be clear with definitions of these three terms and their relativity.

Dreams – It is in the air. A powerful thought with a vision. What I want to do?

Goal – It is ground reality. A dream, which is written with a target date and executable by focusing on a plan and consistent efforts. How Can I do?

Purpose – It is within at core level. A reason to achieve any goal or living any dream. This reason includes the fulfillment to prevailing and refining core values. Why I want to do?

Dreaming is a natural human activity; we all dream and we all have dreams. Some dreams we forget, some dreams we remember and some dreams we want to live. Dream come true when we do the ground level goals setting, planning and execution. These goals can be achievable when they are completely connected with our purpose.

Dreams – Goals – Purpose: the process goes in both the directions. A dream without goal and purpose is just a dream. A purpose always drives you towards living your desired dream. Bigger the Dream, Deeper the purpose and Higher consistent hard work. If living your dream connects with your purpose then you will be willingly ready to own any kind of responsibility and always feel motivated to set and get your goals.

You must have noticed in motivational programs and books very commonly it is mentioned that ‘Everything is Possible. You have the capability to do it.’ How long this external motivation lasts in our mind. If it is that simple then why success ratio is low? What is missing?

The complete line is “Everything is Possible when it connects with your purpose and you have all resources and capabilities within to make it Possible by setting and getting your goals”. Until we are not clear with the purpose(why), our what and how do not make a strong appeal and as a result many people are not able to live their dreams. Half or incomplete information leaves the people clueless and they forget their dreams

What is Passion? How different it is from Purpose?

Passion is “What we love to do” and Purpose is “What we are born to do”. When whatever you love to do, solve your purpose OR whatever you are mean to do, you love that then Your Passion and Purpose becomes the same. Clarity, Connectivity and Alignment of purpose make it possible.

How to know ‘What is our Purpose?’

There are various coaching techniques available to know about our purpose. We can apply those techniques with the help of a certified performance/career coaches. Self-application is also possible but for better results it is always recommended to go with the help of coaches. Once clarity of the purpose is there then one can realize connectedness with it and can do the neurological alignment at environment, behavioral, capability, beliefs, values, identity and spiritualty level. Live a life with purpose, Fully and meaningfully, dream come true, provided you are ready to take first step to know about your purpose and then putting your consistent hard work to make it happen.

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