Emotional Healing and Improved Performance

When I met Roma, quite a bubbly person. She works as accounts officer in a construction company. She approached me to work on her fear. She mentioned that during her childhood her father used to scold her. As sensing extreme fear, she used to shiver and lose her calmness of mind. Though she had a good relationship with her father, but she said “I like my father as cool person but I dislike him as an angry man.” This fear was deeply rooted in her mind even as a grown-up person she couldn’t forget those memories. That fear developed unhealthy beliefs and a les productive behavioral pattern. She used to be upset whenever she would come across similar kind of behavior. It was affecting her professional life. Her senior’s angrily behavioral pattern used to trigger that extreme fear, she used to find herself helpless or not able to perform well. Her inner child had a wounded part that needed to be addressed and healed.

Why is this so important?

Inner Child work is so important because it reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves. These wounds have a powerful influence over our behaviour and the choices we make in adulthood. This unresolved baggage causes us to experience problems such as mental illnesses, physical ailments, and relationship dysfunction. As children we do not have the emotional capacity to process extremely emotionally challenging states. Our inner child within us needs healing no matter how old we are now and how long it has been. Inner child work helps us to finally accept and feel all emotions. The more empathy we can show towards ourselves, the faster we can process and heal our pasts. If you want to have a different future than what you have experienced so far in life – begin by identifying the beliefs, patterns and emotions that shaped you in your most formative years.

Healing the Inner Child Uses Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and Hypnosis

NLP creates a way to diffuse repressed emotional energy from your personal history. Using hypnosis work can be done at deep unconscious level. There are various techniques available to apply, time line therapy followed by a mindfulness relaxation is one of good choice where one can delete the unhealthy past and rewrite a golden one.   

After the couple of sessions Roma found herself at a more productive state of mind and better relationships with her seniors. Her bubbly laugh is still in my memories.

Sometimes we take the things very casually or keep on ignoring but once it becomes more frequent then there is an alarm for you to work on it. Walk with wounds affects the normal functioning it is always better to heal it to improve the performance at personal and professional end.

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