Happiness and Success in Natural way!

A boy writes……”I know people who graduated at 21 but didn’t get a job until they were 27. I know people who graduated late at 25 and they found work immediately. I know people who never went to university but found what they love at 18. I know people who found a job straight out of college making decent money, but hate what they do. I know people who took gap years and found their purpose. I know people who were so sure about what they were going to do at 16, they change their mind at 26. I know people who have adopted children but are single. So my point is everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. You may look at friends and think they are ahead of you, maybe some of them you feel are behind, but everything happens at our own pace. They have their own time and clock and so do you. Be patient. The Passenger had been on my list of movies to watch for some time. “Jack Nicholson’s in it,” people said, so I figured I’d watch it. I like that dude, plus I’m always up late anyways. As I sat there waiting for my movie to download, I started feeling guilty for not spending my time doing something more productive. I could always be more productive. I could be reading or browsing for new ideas. I could be working on my writing. I could be going over lecture notes. I still haven’t gotten any books for class yet. I could be thinking of more print ads for my portfolio—anything. But I should be doing something productive, I thought.

Being in your early 20s, I find we always put pressure on ourselves to succeed right away, and in the process forget there’s still a lot of time for our ideas and ambitions to fall into place. I take note of what true stars have accomplished at a specific age, and then bully myself into thinking I should have something equally as excellent to show for myself by that time or even earlier. I put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself to match, and ultimately surpass, these figures I look up to. We all have influences we compare our body of work with, and aspire to be like one day if we work hard enough…….”

The problem with that is we attach a stressful sense of urgency to our work. We hurry ourselves to realize our goals at an unnatural pace, instead of working towards them at our own individual speed. Although it’s admirable to want to work relentlessly, there’s no reason to place pressure on yourself to be better faster. We need to stop rushing into success, spending every moment worried about what we could be doing to improve and instead just do something for nothing’s sake.  There’s no ticking clock on your potential, which means there’s no reason to hurry into something you’re not ready for or capable of yet. If you simply continue doing what you love to do, with passion, and at your own pace, you’ll be just fine.

The turtle spirit animal is one of the oldest living animals in the world. There is so much wisdom that you can gain from the turtle symbolism, such as persistence, endurance, and longevity.

When the turtle spirit animal appears to you, it’s time to slowdown. It travels light and goes at its own pace, and this is what you should be doing with your life when things start to get overwhelming.

Sir David Attenborough travels to South America to find the three-toed sloth. The sloth spends most of its time hanging around in the treetops to concerve energy, eating leaves and it has a reaction time that is only a quarter of a human. Despite their slow lifestyle, sloths are still one of the more successful creatures living in the rainforest.

At age 25, mark Cuban was a bartender in Dallas. It took till 32 for JK Rowling to be published for harry potter after being rejected by 12 publishers. Ortega launched Zara when he was 39. Jack ma started Alabama when he was 35. Morgan Freeman got his big break at 52. Steve Carrel only got his break after 40 years old. Virgin was started by Richard Branson at 34. Getting your degree after 25 is still an achievement. Not being married but still being happy is beautiful. Starting a family after 35 is still possible and buying a house after 40 is still great. Don’t let anyone rush you with their timelines. Because as Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted truly counts“. And this is the most important thing, one can be able to create meaningful, purposeful fulfilling lives for himself/herself and learn how to use that to make an impact and difference in the lives of others. That will be achieving happiness and success in natural way.

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