How can I have more positive outcomes?

Have you ever been experienced a situation where you were facing the same trigger repeatedly? That trigger may be a person’s behavior pattern, a place or any object as well. That trigger evokes a particular emotion within say irritation, anger, sadness or fear etc. How do you feel during that time and how do you to act upon it? Ignoring that trigger may be a solution but not the complete one. The way you deal with that triggered emotion needs self and social awareness.

Beliefs Formation: Long back a good friend of mine had a habit of being late or not very punctual about the time. Wherever we plan something together she used to come very late. Though she was very lovely and caring person and was quite aware of my punctuality, still she couldn’t manage to come on time. Sometimes I used to be irritated with her habit. I mentioned and expressed my emotions too, she tried well but somehow was not able to manage with her habit or personal reasons. Later on, I noticed that same emotion was triggered in different locations and with different people. These repeated experiences developed a belief that I meet non-punctual people. (belief A)

On contrary I met people in my life who helped and supported me even by going out of the way. Those experiences developed a belief I meet angel like people. (belief B) This is how our experiences develop our belief system. If these beliefs are serving us very well then, Bang Bang!!! they become our strengths and we attract good things in out life but if these beliefs bring low or negative state of mind then Alert!!! it is a need to work on them.

My belief B serves very well for me, I feel blessed to have angel like people around me. But my belief A was not bringing a positivity in my mental state, often I felt pissed off in those situations. So, I decided to work on that.

My Action Strategy:  Using NLP Belief Change Technique, I deleted my old belief and installed a good belief “I believe in people care about the time and they are punctual while meeting me.” Apart from that I worked on my triggered emotion too, which was taking me into an irritating state of mind. Using emotional handling technique o Emotional Intelligence, I worked on my emotions and deleted it at meta level. Very first step is identifying that particular emotion correctly and accepting it. Yes, I am experiencing a particular emotion that itself a half way done. I understood the intentions behind that emotion and took my learnings to apply in my behavior. Using NLP new behavior technique, I installed and applied that new behavior.

After applying these exercises   noticed that I realized that occurrences of experiencing that particular emotion were drastically reduced. My enthusiasm was at peak and I kept on reminding my new belief to bring it into my conscious awareness. Though encountering those situations was very less and every time I found myself calmer and more confident to handle the situation and managing a better behavior.

My Learnings: People’s behavior, situations or any objects are all triggers. It is our emotional disbalancing which ruin our internal calmness and productive state. Once we completely work on emotional handling technique, triggers will occur very less or may become ineffective to us. We can maintain a positive state and a can manage a better behavior. Practicing those techniques until triggers become ineffective brings the better solution. Amazing thing is that when triggers are ineffective you do not feel any problem with anything either people’s behavior, situations or object. Your feel yourself managed and strengthen within. Though process may take some time but by  putting in conscious efforts gives a shape to achive better results.

Outcome: I found myself a better performer by being holding powerful mental state. Better relationships and good things and people around me. Ultimately inner and external happiness and overall growth.

Generalization: This is how identifying the root cause of any problem and working on it, changes one’s perception, performance and relations. Performance or Life coaching helps a person to work as team with a coach, where duo agree to put a focus and synergy on the whole process to achieve desired outcome. Sharing the values like trust, integrity and honesty works as a catalyst to accelerate the process and one can witness the amazing results.

Emotional balancing :

Balance Your Emotions and Be Your Own Coach

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