How to become a good public speaker.

Public speaking is one of the skills which is required to develop an effective personality. During education time or as a professional one needs to have to have this skill at some or other point of time. Often people face fear of public speaking. What makes a person good public speaker or presenter? A pair: Confidence and Competency.

Leading and pacing between these two level up the person to become a better speaker. Confidence without competency or competency without confidence leave a person in emotionally unstable state. A beautiful and respectful juggling between duos brings out a speaker to perform well.

Imagine a situation when a person is full of confidence and get on the stage without practicing, Person may be speaking but it may not be that impactful. On contrary if a person has lot of practice and somewhere confidence is missing then person may not be able to perform as per the practice level.

Once a boy asked his sports teacher ‘I want to become a badminton player’. His teacher said “That’s nice, you can keep on practicing and level up your confidence and competency. First play wherever you get a chance in your school, street, nearby vicinity. Practice at that level and keep learning skills to refine yourself. Once you find yourself competent at a certain level then level up yourself, try to play at next level.” That boy followed his teacher advice and patiently kept on practicing, learning, improvising and finally he participated in school tournament and got selected for district level tournament. A few days before the tournament he fell down on school ground and had a minor injury, his school principal saw that and helped him to get home and gave his best wishes. He thanked his kind hearted principal. His parents and teachers supported him. He took the proper treatment. With patience he waited for the doctor’s report to get the green signal to go ahead and were able to participate in the tournament and played well.

This is how this boy’s story speaks about gradual improvement and resilience. A public speaker needs to improvise himself/herself by asking for feedback and put those feedback into the consideration to bring into the practice with patience. Many a times it happens everything is perfect but at last moment there may be some technical glitches or anything unpredictable then a resilience power bring back a person to get the strength to show up.

A few points to focus to become a good public speaker.

  1. Confidence – Recall a situation a situation where you find yourself doing something with full of confidence, be in that moment and live it fully in now, bring your awareness about sensory inputs and enthrall energy within the whole body. Anchor that powerful state of mind using any hand gesture. Use this gesture whenever you need to be in that confident state.
  2. Competency – Practice and Rehearsal. Write a well-crafted speech, practice it, rehearse it as many times as you can. Keep reminding this saying – Practice makes a man perfect.
  3. Improvise – Ask for feedback from different people and experts. Take it at positive note and find the ways to improve in that area.
  4. Resilience – Not to be obsessed with goal. Just focus at putting efforts in right direction. Increase acceptance and patience level to embrace unpredictable. Anchor on breath and hold a calm state of mind in every situation.

Above are the points one can consider to pave a path to become a better public speaker. Apart from that there are success strategies that can be installed. One can develop healthy and powerful beliefs. Effective coaching can work as catalyst and can help a person to grow and shape up as an impressive a speaker.

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