How to handle Polarization of Emotions

Emotions are energy in motion. This energy is a strength when it is balanced and rightly directed. On contrary if this energy is at peak and misdirected, it may fall a person into wrong perceptions and harmful actions. Recently I had a workshop where I spoke on this topic. It is observed by people that this type of polarization they face many a times, and this needs to be addressed. Let me explain it with examples.

Once a Man had a mongoose. One day he went out with his wife for a work and while coming back to home he saw mongoose outside the home. His mouth was fully covered with blood. All of sudden his mind got frozen and a though came in his mind that mongoose might have harmed his child to whom they left sleeping in a swing. His anger was polarized and he punished that mongoose. Afterwards when they entered in the house, he saw his son laughing and playing in the swing and a dead snake was lying down at the floor. Then he realized what she did in her anger. His perception was wrong about the mongoose, he was a saver.

Let’s take one more example, once a person went to meet his wife. He crossed the river, it was night, he climbed up and reached her room using a rope hanging outside the window. Next morning, he realized that was note a rope, it was a huge snake. Polarization of emotion of obsession, he had a wrong perception.

Sometimes we are not able to see what actually it is whenever we go through extreme polarization of any positive or negative emotion. What we perceive in that moment may be truth or not, and we react accordingly. It may be harmful for self and others. Many a times you must have noticed when we read something in a particular emotion, we are not able to understand the zest or the meaning. That emotion flows us into different direction where we get meaning according to our mind maps without understanding the situation at other side or in reality. Same thing we read with peace of mind and understanding other’s representation we are able to understand the it in a better way. Whatever we do with a positive or happy emotion dedication and motivation rise and can see a better outcome.

You must have noticed when we are happy, we take any problem so lightly on contrary when we are sad, we may take a small thing as a big problem. Sometimes when we are angry, we are not able to see the good side of others and sometimes obsession makes a person biased.  

In short whenever emotions drive us in a direction where we perceive wrong meanings, we do things without control of conscious mind. Don’t let your emotions drive you anonymously, balance emotions and use them to drive you in a positive and productive direction. Imagine a moment where you see yourself managing nicely when you are facing challenges. How easily you are able get the solutions of all problems while holding a calm state of mind. You find yourself in resourceful state of mind where you are performing well and being productive. You are responding respectfully and behaving nicely with others and feeling happy. This imagination is possible in reality when we are able to manage our emotional polarization.

Here are few points to manage emotional polarization:

  1. Take a pause. A deep breath.
  2. Change your physiology.
  3. Identify, understand the emotion.
  4. Understand the purpose of this emotion.
  5. Think and get the meaning from perceptual position.
  6. What should be done to exhibit a good behavior or make a good decision.
  7. What are the external resources required to get the learnings?
  8. When and how to go with the new learnings.

Above are the few points to consider while going through any kind of emotional polarization. Apart from that you can ask for help from life coaches too. Coaching provides an option where a coachee can share his/her emotional state and challenges in a safe environment. Life coaches are equipped with tools and techniques that can help people to handle their life challenges at personal and professional level.

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