Learning Mindset for Ultimate Joy

If a chance is given to you to choose between Learning and Entertainment, what will be your choice. Both are important to living a fulfilled life. We all need to replenish our mind, and there is n number of options to go for it. What about learning? Learning is legitimate earning. Prolonged entertainment may bring boredom but learning is such fun that you find yourself motivated and interested in doing this.But limiting beliefs ‘can’t learn anymore, learning is boring, learning is not required’, ‘learning applies to young age’, ‘what people will be thinking if I learn at this age’ ‘learning is too difficult’ ‘learning is beneficial when it gives me promotion, money or other materialistic things” etc.  stops us to experience this fun. Some myths or some prejudice whatever we experience, we store as our beliefs. Being rigid for a belief develop stiffness in nature. The thinking process goes into a limited zone and non-acceptance of changing patterns groom the false ego to stand for that. People face challenges like weak memory, Alzheimer, sleeping disorder, anxiety and fearfulness with new things and environment, finding a solution to problems, adapt changes, emotional outbursts, managing relationship dynamics, coping mechanisms, update and gel with new systems and technology etc. One of the major reasons behind all these is to stop learning. Learning is a mindset that makes a person experience fun and growth. Life doesn’t come just as a goody bag of favourite things. It is a surprise bag of all plus and minus. It’s a learning mindset that helps a person to make it as the beautiful and lovingly accepted goody bag of gifts. Learning mindset is a motivational growth for self and surroundings. It can be developed at any age just by training a mind. Truly love a person is wishing happiness and growth for them, and it is applicable for thyself too. So what are you learning today? Living the answer to this question becomes a lifestyle with a learning mindset.

Why does it so important to develop a learning mindset?

If you are a leader, developing a mindset will enable you to enable your team members. Every employee needs orientation and up-gradation of skills to perform better. Organisations put a lot of time and to evolve their employee’s skill sets. What if employees don’t have a learning mindset then training programs become like a just compulsion for attendance with complete avoided attention. By helping employees to develop a learning mindset, a leader can ensure substantial performance at work and another technical skill development.

If you are an employee, developing a learning mindset will help you to understand better at work and behaviour level. A person may find ease when a sudden change or new assignment or skull needs to attempt.

If you are a home maker, already you are the backbone of your home. Developing a learning mindset will help you to learn new system-wise changes where you need to ask for help. A better understanding with dear ones by understanding their challenges in a new time. Quick understanding of modern shopping /billing/paying systems helps a person to manage the home budget smartly.

If you are a student, it’s a non-negotiable skill to improve academic results and improved personality. Learning becomes easier with a learning mindset when information is flooded around. A student finds clarity to filter and narrow down the essentials to combat the confusion.

3 Steps to Develop a Learning Mindset

  1. Identify what stops you to learn. Replace those beliefs with good beliefs like ‘I like learning, I have all capabilities and resources to learn more and more’.
  2. Identify and Manage Emotional states by being emotionally intelligent. It improves focus and concentration.
  3. Keep learning consistently, go for small intervals, reward yourself.

Above three are simple steps to improve learning, if you want you can ask for help from Professional Coaches. During a life coaching session a coach help you to go with procedure in a safe and trustworthy environment. Learning is fun and it’ your learning mindset which brought you to this article. Just by growing it more and more one can change the life dynamics in a super fantastic way.

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