Why Personality Development and Performance/Career Coaching are so important?

What is Personality and Personality type?

The concept of personality has been around for over 2,000 years beginning with Hippocrates back in 370 BCE. While there are many theories of personality, the first step is to understand exactly what is meant by the term personality. The word personality itself stems from the Latin word persona’ which means mask, and that social interactions are like a performance. Then how to define personality? Well, Personality is, a characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Our personality makes us unique individuals. Each person has an idiosyncratic pattern of enduring, long-term characteristics and a manner in which he or she interacts with other individuals and the world around them.

According to research the average person meets over 10,000 people in their lifetime. A handful will be people we interact with on a daily basis. Have you ever noticed how many interactions or acquaintances you are able to retain in your mind? How well you know people around you? Do you really think that you understand people well and people understand you well?

Sometimes, you might get along with people more often than not, but then one day, they do something that seemingly comes out of left field. What’s that about? According to ‘personality’ theory, there is an assumption that people behave in the same way in all time and in all context. Up to a surface level it is a truth too but when look into the deep understanding there are some differences. Sometimes people behave differently in different context. For example, you may behave completely different while attending a sports event or a volunteering event.

There are many personality tests out there, to know about your personality type. These testes are very popular in the field of career counseling. In today’s time almost every second student approaches for career guidance during their academic period. Of course, it is beneficial for them to chalk down a route for a bright future.

Here my question is when all getting suggestions and advises during that time then many times Why don’t they feel happy with their education or job or career or performance. Why can’t they feel contented with the decisions based on that guidance. Why many people get bored or less motivated at middle of their career? Why there is a dissatisfaction with one’s performance or career growth? Why people find other options while being not putting full efforts anywhere? Why there is so much confusion and uncertainty about the future? Many WHYs?

Well, Reasons may be many, in brief I will summarize a few of them.

 First of all, lack of reliability of personality test, all of them are riddled with problems. Let’s take Myers-Briggs as an example. In 1991, a study was done by National Research Council on the MBTI test to see just how reliable it was. They found that only 24 of the 61 subjects received the same result when they took the test multiple times. However, all is not lost. 

Secondly, there is difference between counselling and coaching. Suggestion given by others or self-made decisions both are different at process level and make a huge difference. Though up to some extent or for some information one needs counselling, that may help a person to know about the information of colleges, education centers, application process and facilities. But to make any decision coaching takes a person in different dimensions. Understanding of self-responsibility of decisions and dig out the truth is the best way to know about one’s authentic self.

Thirdly, finding purpose by knowing the metaprograms, values and beliefs is the powerful tool to keep a person self-motivated and consistent. ( *Meta-Programs are Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)  concept It was originally discovered by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, who at the time was working closely with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP). Being into a job but not aware of purpose creates a disconnection with the core. Once you, your core, your purpose and your work all are aligned altogether, it creates a magic in your life where you feel joyful and motivated 24/7.

Fourth, short term goals keep a person’s engagement for a while, little distractions are more than enough to get them out from their path. Clarity of long terms goals and focusing them by visionary approach make a person to walk extra miles at horsepower speed.

Fifth, asking and acquiring mentor’s or coach’s help. No matter how accomplish you are, you always need guidance from seniors. How humble you are and how zealous you are to learn that decide your relation with source of knowledge, guidance and support.

Personality Development is a program which is facilitate by Licensed Personality Development Coaches, where they provide sessions to individual or group to know about their basic persona and make them learn and apply techniques to develop their communication, public speaking and presentation skills. Which eventually bring out as a powerful real you as an impressive personality.

Peak Performance/Career Coaching is done by certified career coaches, note that it is completely different than static consoling session. Here a coach helps you to identify your strengths, purpose connection and alignment with internal and external world. During sessions coaches help a person to develop powerful beliefs and improve adaptability of behavior and changes that turns into the transformation or big turning points in one’s career path. Apart from that goal defining, setting and modelling on time lining, improving performances many more a long list is there. Coaches are equipped with so many tools and techniques to coach professionals towards a bright and happy future.

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