Positivity of Efforts and Improved Performance

Have you ever seen an professional trying or applying for something and keep on telling “I am trying/applying for a job but I know nothing will happen? There are least chances to get a call.” Or have you seen a child going for any sports activity and keep on telling “I know our team is not going to win, since we have to play that’s why I am in, otherwise I would have been quit.” Eligibility criteria exhibits the capability level, person is following the procedure and exhibiting a behavior in appropriate environment. A defined goal is there then what is missing. What will be the outcome of these efforts? How much probability will be there to get the job or to be a winner.

What makes a person to feel like that? Or Is it a habit to keep on cursing? Are we aware of what do we talk about self and others? Why do we become hopeless before trying anything? Whatever we say it makes a difference at energy level. Think about a moment when you feel full of positivity and confidence, how do you feel about your energy level at that moment, how do you perform at that moment, how do you behave and express through your body language and words. On contrary when we do the similar thing at low energy level what will happen to our performance, behavior, and body language.

Many a times we develop habits which are not fruitful for us. Bringing awareness of those habits, removing them and installing new good habits improves the probability of hitting the coin. “Winning and losing is not outside, it is inside our heart”, externally it is a journey where we keep moving, reaching milestones and keep enjoying. Keeping our inner world as a bloomed garden is like keeping a winner alive inside who puts the wholehearted efforts with positive thoughts and energy without being obsessed about goals, and that’s the actual victory. What if our inner winner is putting the efforts halfheartedly?

Putting efforts with positivity is always be fruitful in some or other way. Instead of much bothering about the outcome, one should try everything with a positive mindset. It brings an alertness and awareness where a person can find and get the ways of new learnings and improvise further.

Bringing awareness about our mindset and wordings make a huge difference in our approach. How can we develop that mindset or change the habit of wrong wording?  At some level it works if you keep on reminding yourself and being alert while doing something. But what if even though you are aware of your right approach, still you are not able to apply it? Imagine a situation when you know there is low market or your opposite team is stronger than you, then how will intact your energy and keep yourself motivated. Simple, by changing the habits at subconscious level. Installing good beliefs. Anchoring our highest good state of mind. Then you will say “No matter what will be the result, I am going to put my positive efforts and certainly there will be lot of learnings, whatever will happen that will be for my highest good”. That makes a sense, and today or tomorrow it is going to help you in some or other way. Coaching helps a person to learn and apply these techniques.

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