Reach Out to invite a positive change

There once a thick jungle caught fire terribly. All of a sudden animals in the place where zingered with a critical situation, all started running by bits and pieces, daunted and disturbed. A tiny bird who was sitting on a tree was looking around and found other birds are injured and thirsty. She barely held some water in her beak and started feeding others. Animals asked her: what will be the residual of her effort, how many lives she will be able to touch, how well she can provide help as many. She answered:  ‘’there is nothing more permanent than a temporary situation’. I will recall this scene once everything get over and I would be bestowed with satisfaction. Hearing this, other birds and animals got motivated and started placing their effort on the situation. Soon after the fire faded away and things turned normal.  But something was reflected there unusual, that was ‘CHANGE’. A change that taught the importance of putting efforts no matter how small or big it is.’ “Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake”. A change of ‘teamwork makes dream work’. A change of ‘compassion triggers people to adopt a growth mindset’.

Above one is a famous story and carry a message. When ‘we care’ we reach out to be a help. Kindness is motivational. But what if when we are in need to ask for help. No doubt we all are blessed with all natural resources to get strengthen ourselves but it’s also a fact that some times we may find ourselves in situations where we need a courage to reach out and ask for help. That’s the beauty of Independence and Interdependence. Human is social being, people bring the life to our life. Happiness is contagious. Internal and external happiness multiplies and uplift its level all around.

“Asking for help is a weakness” it is a myth, rather it’s a courageous step to show the vulnerability and a willingness to work upon something to evolve.

Some times people ignore the truth or sometimes they treat a help for granted. In both the cases it may result into a chaos. Ignorance or suppression of any emotion is like not addressing and treating emotions nicely.

Some times people have lot of hesitation or fear that stop them to go forward and ask. Sometimes they don’t know what to ask and where to ask. There are safe environment available to talk and work on emotional wellbeing.

Today time is changing with fast development of technologies. What about the human, Are we developing Robots or are we becoming Robots. Are we addressing our emotions and treating them nicely or Are we ignoring or suppressing them.

Are we reaching out to ask for help/to be a help or Are we stopping ourselves when emotional wellbeing is needing a help.

Reach out. It’s worth it, and you’re worth it. Everyone deserves to be happy!!!

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