Relationship Magic

Relationship MagicFinding peace, harmony and growth at professional and personal life.

Relationship ….?

   A pain in Personal life.


   A hurdle in Professional growth.

Human beings are social beings. Our relationships either personal or professional play a major role in our happiness. There are many aspects to make and maintain strong and happy relationships. One of the major factors of relationship failure is ‘unfulfilled expectations’. We expect to be treated by others in our way, when it doesn’t happen or we find any mismatch with our expectations, we become either silent(depressed) or violent(outburst). External environment whether it is at professional end or personal end becomes like difficult to adjust. Sometimes discrimination or ignorance become an obstacle to grow further. It begins the story of frustration, pain and injustice. Mind starts wondering and finding the answers of questions like …..

1)Why is this happening to me?

2) What was my fault and how can I get it corrected?

3) Why do I feel so lonely and how can I feel contented?

4) How can I make peace in my life and enjoy it fully?

5) How can I have a happy and healthy relationship and loving environment around?

6) Why am I not able to perform well?

7) Promotion – why not to me?

8) What is blocking me from coming up as an assertive person at work?

9) What would it be like to be appreciated and credited for my hard work?

10) How can I have a pleasant and smooth working within a team environment?

11) My mind stopped working….let me try to get an external help…Who can help me?

Certainly, it is a bit confusing or sometimes a low emotional state of mind but actually this is the juncture where one can take a pause, introspect and explore the hidden potential within. Establishing better belief system can bring peace and harmony inside and outside. Everything and Everyone in our life is for a reason, with this positive attitude as you start accepting the things certainly ‘finding the solution’ becomes easier in a blink of eye.  People or situations just act as triggers to tell you the areas to explore to meet a better version of you or ‘Unbelievable magnificent you’. Every problem has a solution and if there is no solution means it’s not a problem. So, take a deep breath,  suit yourself as an ‘explorer’ and get ready to find it as an adventure to reach out solution. Here journey begins…..

1 Reframing to see the Another Side.

Every coin has two sides. Other side can only be seen by flipping it, right. Similarly, one can reframe and rethink the situation from a different perspective. Think about the intention of another person or situation. Every cloud has a silver line, where is that silver line. Keep yourself at other’s place and visualize the situation again. Collect your findings and reframe the situation with positive words. Reframing finds a definite fine way even in situations where one has thought of ‘completely stuck’ or finding himself/herself going nowhere. Believe life is bigger than a problem.

2 Focusing on the Solution Side.

Where do you focus, it matters? Every time we keep on thinking or talking about problems, we develop a closed neurological circuit where the mind gets stuck in a loop. It drains the whole energy that withers in poor health and weak immune system.

·       Shift your focus, think about the solution side.

·       Ask questions to yourself about possible alternatives to find a positive outcome. Check the possibility and ecology of every approach.

3 Working on relationship with Thyself

How is your relationship with yourself? You may wonder to know that it makes a big difference. If you find love and peace within it reflects in your external relationships too.  You must have noticed owing a good mood allows you to thrive while handling challenges positively and enthusiastically, isn’t it? How and where do you find happiness. No one is perfect, kindness and empathy flourish a beautiful feeling in heart. Expecting too much from others may be like limiting their freedom and increasing your dependency for finding happiness. Being happy and making others happy welcome everyone’s growth. Developing self-love and finding peace within is a first step to grow a garden of love, peace and growth all around.

4 Taking Self- Responsibility of Emotional Reactions

We communicate with each other through emotional expressions. No one is responsible for our emotional reactions except us. Others can say and do anything they like but what happens inside us is the result of what we are thinking and feeling. So take a charge of yourself and tap yourself for owing goodness and simply ..Convert reaction into response, isn’t it so easy?

·       Take a pause.

·       Think what you are thinking. Think what you are feeling.

·       What should be my response and behavior matching my values.

5 Rapport Building to experience harmony

‘All relationships have to work on.’ Yes, maximum matching among imperfect people results better harmony and that’s the beauty of life. There are many factors to improve any relationship like understanding different communication styles, open communication, investing time, matching and mirroring with verbal and non-verbal communication etc. Nothing cannot be taken for granted or tailor-made version. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude… for what we have and humbleness to improve acceptance and understanding level develops harmony to experience strength of relation.

6 Acknowledging self and social awareness

Knowing about self and others feelings, using this capability to improve behavior makes you aware of your attitude. Knowledge about the social environment makes you feel fit and an integral part of the system. Everyone has something which can be learnt. Appreciate other’s positive assertive behavior and learn to bring it in your attitude. Amplifying strengths and working on weaknesses to turn into the strengths is always a win-win strategy.

In a nutshell – ‘Don’t worry too much’, “pause’, ‘channelize your breathing pattern’, follow the above steps and explore ‘Relationship-Magic’. Still, you feel clueless or insecure to find a solution then find a secure help. Life coaching can be a good help where you can open your heart to come out from your sufferings and find the way to achieve peak performance.

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