What I can offer

I offer standard hourly counselling sessions, Success and Life Coaching, ‘First and Second Innings in Career’, a ‘Personal Development Day/Happiness Program ‘Personality Development and Emotional Intelligence Training’, ‘Leadership Programs for Working Professionals’ and a ‘Motivation and Kick start in life’.

A standard session hour is 60 minutes, however, some people prefer double sessions, I work in week days and if required weekends.

Online Sessions

When it’s about a change, it’s about time to change…

It’s our faith that prevails, when it lasts longer, it brings transformation. When it lasts for the time longer than we expect, it surpasses all our definitions of transformation. We were together in these unprecedented times and let’s stay together to transform and evolve towards a future ahead of us. I would love to render the best possible support and be the virtual friend indeed.

Contact me for the online coaching sessions. I accept payments through PayPal and via bank transfer.


Through my experience as a Success and Career Coach, Counsellor, NLP Master practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Hypnotherapist and Healing Expert(CBT), I am able to offer a variety of tools to assist clients find not only their own answers but to find resolution enabling them to move on with their life.

Each session will be client led and depending on the issues or outcomes desired will depend on the tools required such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), visualisation techniques, goal setting, relaxation exercises, letter writing, motivational interviewing and Hypnotherapy, EFT, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to name but a few.

As a coach I will be your guide, helping you to address your issues at your own pace and offer time and space for you to fully engage within a trustworthy relationship in a comfortable, safe and secure environment.

Success and Career Coaching

On the pitch of life whether it is ‘1st Inning’ or ‘2nd Inning’, Successful Player is who always wins. This can be used within in your personal and professional life. Coaching is you wanting to achieve a desired outcome and me helping you to find your own inner resources to achieve your goals. I guide youth for their ‘1st Inning’ in career using standard tools and huge database of Univariety( If you feel stuck somewhere in the life to move forward or you want to start your  ‘2nd Inning’ in career, my coaching will help.

What is Coaching?

Coaching as a behaviour, not a term, originates in ancient Greece. Socrates used a unique form of questioning with his students. This form of questioning, referred to as the Socratic Method was self-reflective Coaching has embraced proven change techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) , Emotional Intelligence where its core advantages and techniques are ideal for allowing us to quickly bring to reality what we strive for but don’t always attain.

Coaching is a process that transforms wishes, dreams and good intentions to reality. With personal change techniques such as NLP, Emotional Intelligence coaching enables a person to modify/enhance their internal processes to enable their goals to be met.

The coaching process involves the use of tools and techniques which allow for the collection of information and insights that enable an individual to improve how they “experience” things (think, behave and feel) and assist others to do the same.

Coaching has many more distinctive characteristics and according to the CIPD research:

  • It provides people with feedback on both their strengths and weaknesses
  • It supports changes in attitudes and behaviour that can translate into more effective performance at work
  • It enables people to refocus and take a critical look at their approaches and style at work
  • It helps people identify barriers that are preventing them from being more effective in their jobs
  • It helps people commit to new performance goals
  • It gives people someone to listen/talk to without judgement
  • It helps to promote individual self-awareness and self-management
  • It offers a flexible and tailored approach to development
  • It demands individual responsibility for performance and development
  • It is a challenging and demanding experience, but this can help to accelerate learning

In their research the CIPD conclude that:

‘Overall, coaching offers a number of advantages over other development interventions that fail to provide the means for people to actually make lasting changes. It seems that ‘knowing what you need to change’ is only one piece of the jigsaw – not enough to bring about actual changes in a person’s style or work habits. Coaching’s unique offer is its change orientation, flexibility and support for ongoing development’.

Personal Development Day/Happiness Program

This a program for organisations/schools/companies to uplift the level of emotional well being and work performances of employees. The day can be a whole day or split into two.  These are designed around your specific needs or goals’, allowing you a greater understanding of self, personal growth, resolution, mindfulness, work-life balance, stress management and anything else covered in our initial meeting.

Where does my session take place?

Clients are seen in the office (To whom I am associated) or at my home in Abu Dhabi, and can get comfortable, safe and secure environment to discuss their issues..

I have a lovely family. I am a mom of two boys (age 15 yrs and 12 yrs). I have a separate room for conducting the sessions and a separate access to ensure privacy.

I also provide online sessions via Zoom. Please contact me for further information

This is a non-smoking venue. People can get ample of parking to park their vehicle.

How much does it cost? And what do I do next?

I charge depends on the duration of session and involved techniques.

If you would like further information or would like to book an initial meeting, please feel free to contact me on 00971508426354 or email me through the contact form below or directly at

At our initial meeting I will explain how I work, the tools and techniques I use, data protection, confidentiality etc. and we will discuss your requirements, what you want to achieve and or work through.

See you on the other side!

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